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Computación y Sistemas

Print version ISSN 1405-5546

Comp. y Sist. vol.18 n.4 México Oct./Dec. 2014




It has been our greatest pleasure to put together this CyS special issue that is intended to put together research performed by young Mexican researchers funded by CONACyT in Catalan institutions. The original idea emerged when we organized, with the support of CONACyT, the first Jornadas de Cooperación CONACyT-Catalunya held at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, last May of 2014.

Most of the participants were PhD students from all Catalan Universities we have a first submission of 30 papers for oral contributions and posters and we have already a first selection. The papers selected for this special issue are archival like contributions that underwent for a new revision and very a strict peer review process. Editors want to thank all the reviewers who have been working in selecting the best papers and give advise to improve them. Reviewers' contribution is essential in peer-to-peer evaluation.

It is hoped that this special issue will be able to provide the readers some representative and exciting snapshots of the actual research performed by Mexican researchers in cooperation with Catalan researchers.

It is impossible to cover every aspect of the research performed by the Mexican researchers in Catalonia but this is in our opinion this is a good and representative sample. It is also hoped that readers of this special issue will enjoy the mix of topics presented here and perhaps find the inspiration to push these fields a step further. Or it opens the door for new collaborations.

The selected papers are:

— "Simulating and Visualizing Real-Time Crowds on GPU Clusters" by B. Hernández et al.,

— "Open Framework for Web Service Selection using Multimodal and Configurable Techniques" by O. Cabrera et al.,

— "Fast and Efficient Palmprint Identification of a Small Sample within a Full Image" by Carlos F. Moreno-García and F. Serratosa,

— "Simulation of Baseball Gaming by Cooperation and Non-cooperation Strategies" by Matías Alvarado et al.

This issue also contains several regular papers on topics of control, signal processing, optimization, natural language processing, and computational models of various phenomena (in this case, tumors and optical flow):

— "Security Enhancement on Li-Lee's Remote user Authentication Scheme using Smart Card" by Rafael Martínez Peláez et al.,

— "A Heuristic Approach for Blind Source Separation of Instant Mixtures" by Jesús Villavicencio Navarro et al.,

— "Designing Minimal Sorting Networks using a Bio-inspired Technique" by Blanca López Ramírez and Nareli Cruz Cortés,

— "Periodicity-based Computation of Optical Flow" by Georgii Khachaturov et al.,

— "Wikification of Learning Objects using Metadata as an Alternative Context for Disambiguation" by Reyna Melara Abarca et al.,

— "Sliding Windows by Blocks for Online Wavelet Discrete Transform Implementation" by Antonio Cedeño Pozo et al.,

— "Study of the Global Dynamics for a Tumor Immune-Evasion System" by Paul A. Valle Trujillo et al.,

— "Support for Starting Collaboration in Distributed Software Development through Collaborative Working Spheres", by Ramón R. Palacio Cinco et al.,

— "Concurrent Real-Time Task Schedulers: A Classification Based on Functions and Set Theory" by Pedro Guevara López et al.,

— "Regression Models for Time Series with Increasing Seasonality" by Sergio David Madrigal Espinoza,

— "Filter Estimator by Deconvolution and Pseudoinverse: Recursive Description and Implementation" by Consuelo Varinia García Mendoza and José de Jesús Medel Juárez.


Mateo Valero & Ulises Cortés

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