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Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica

Print version ISSN 0185-1101

Rev. mex. astron. astrofis vol.54 n.2 México Oct. 2018



Erratum: The variable star population in the globular cluster NGC 6934. (RMxAA, 2018, 54, 15)

M. A. Yepez1 

A. Arellano Ferro1 

S. Muneer2 

Sunetra Giridhar2 

1Instituto de Astronomía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México.

2Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India.

The paper ‘The variable star population in the globular cluster NGC 6934’ was published in RMxAA, 54, 15 (2018). Several identifications of variable stars in the chart of figure 9 are erroneous. The stars involved are V7 and V8, V94 and V95. The correct identifications of these stars are now shown in the present chart in Figure 1. For completeness we have now identified the candidate variable stars C2, C3, C4 and C5. The candidate C1 is out of the field of these charts. The equatorial coordinates of C2 and C3 in the original table 2 are interchanged. In present Table 1 the correct coordinates are given. The rest of the entries of table 2 of the original paper are correct.

Fig. 1 Finding chart of variable stars and candidates in NGC 6934. The identifications of V7, V8, V94 and V95 have been corrected. The positions of C2 and C3 correspond to the corrected coordinate values in Table 1. The top and left panel displays the complete FoV of our images and it is about 9.6 × 9.6 arcmin2. The top and right panel displays the central region of the cluster and it is about 2.3 × 2.3 arcmin2. The bottom panel displays the core region of the cluster and the field is 0.7 × 0.7 arcmin2. In all panels North is up and East is left. 

Table 1 General data and corrected equatorial coordinates for the candidate variable stars C2 and c3 

Star ID
< V >
< I >
P (KOS01)
(+ 2 450 000)
P (this work)
C2a SX Phe 19.96 19.51 0.09 0.18 - 5780.4479 0.006961 20:34:10.1 07:24:55
C3a SX Phe 19.968 19.6 0.18 0.15 - 5779.4293 0.061280 20:34:13.3 07:23:32


We thank Prof. Christine Clement for leading us to the correction of these identifications.

Received: September 04, 2018; Accepted: September 05, 2018

Creative Commons License This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License