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Guidelines for presenting manuscripts:

1. The paper should clearly state a hypothesis.

2. There is a preference for papers that develop a mathematical model supporting the hypothesis or papers that use statistics or econometric methods to test the hypothesis. Additionally, the papers should fall within the scope of the journal.

3. The paper should be original, unpublished and has not been submitted for publication to other journals or as a chapter in a book.

4. Articles can be written either in English or Spanish. However, the title, abstract and keywords should be written both languages, English and Spanish.

5. The title of the article should be no longer than 10 words.

6. The abstract should be no longer than 150 words. JEL classification codes should be specified after the abstract. The abstract should briefly specify:

a) Objective
b) Methodology
c) Results
d) Limitations and implications
e) Originality (contributions to the area of knowledge)
f) Conclusions

7. The manuscripts should be sent in Microsoft Word or compatible format. The article should be no longer than 45 pages, written in 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font in letter size 12.

8. References must be alphabetically listed at the end of the paper according to the Instructions to Cite References and Their Format. The references must exclusively include the works mentioned in the text.

9. The author must upload the paper to the journal's website: The author must sing in first, and then follow the five steps to submit an article.

10. Graphs and tables should be uploaded in Excel format as complementary files in step 4, "Upload supplementary files". Please do not include graphs or tables in image formats (like jpg).

11. In order to guarantee a double-blinded review, the paper should not include the name of the authors of any reference to them in any part of the document. Please follow the instructions in "Ensuring a Blind Peer Review". The information of each of the authors: name, affiliation, contact address, office and home phone numbers, email address, and a fax number will be added in the last step of the editorial process.

12. The author must also upload a letter specifying that he (or she) has the property rights of the paper. In the letter, the author must mention that the paper is finished, original, unpublished and has not been submitted for publication to other journals or as a chapter in a book. The letter should be uploaded in the "Upload Supplementary Files" section.

13. Authors must finally upload a CV in the "Upload Supplementary Files" section.


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