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The journal SALUD MENTAL invites professionals in psychiatry and psychology, as well as those in similar sciences to contribute with original papers related to Mental Health to be considered for publication. The quality of the papers will be determined by the board of the journal editorial committee. The ones accepted should not have been published before in any other journal and should not be published in the future. They will become property of SALUD MENTAL and can not be translated or reprinted without the written permission of the Editor of this journal.


Form and preparation of manuscripts:

The articles should be written in Spanish or English in a concise and clear way. Three complete copies of the paper, including tables and figures, should be sent to the Editor, and a digital copy, preferably in a word document, in a compact disc (CD) or a digital versatil disc (DVD). The text should be written, double-spaced, on computer, in a 12 pts., Courier New font-type, with minimum margins of 2.5 cm PLEASE MAKESURE THAT THE HARD COPY TEXT IS ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL TO THE ONE INCLUDED IN THE CD. Pages must be consecutively numbered, starting by the title page. First page: Title of the paper in Spanish and English, name or names of the authors, and name and address of the institution where they work. Only authors who actually participated in writing the article (generally, four at most) will be included. Those involved to a lesser degree may be mentioned in a foot-note. Researchers having supported the project may be included in the acknowledgements at the end of the article. The article
must include a three-page summary in Spanish and a six-page summary in English if written in spanish. If written in English, summary must have three pages in English, and four in Spanish, in standard 8 x 10 sheets, in which the contents of the article are clearly reflected. Reference numbers must not be included in the Summary and the Resumen. The paper must include from three to five key words in Spanish and in English and should not be longer than 30 pages. Including in them both summaries and

Graphs and tables are presented separatedy. It must be sent in a thick paper envelope enclosing a letter from the main author, with his address clearly indicated. This letter must state that the contents of the article have been approved by all the authors, and they must sign accordingly. When necessary, copies of the authorizations for the reproduction of material and the use of patient's photographs should be included. Each table or figure must be sent in a separate sheet of paper, and
the article must indicate in arabic numbers where they should be placed. The titles of the tables and figures and the foot notes should be brief, clear, and identified with a number.

The figures must be sent well protected in another envelope; they must be well printed photograpsh in brilliant paper no larger than 20.3 × 25.4 cm AT THE BACK OF THE PHOTOS, THE NAME OF THE ARTICLE AND THE NUMBER OF THE FIGURE SHOULD BE STATED ON A STICKER; an arrow pointing to the top of the figure should be drawn.

All papers involving human and animal subjects should come with a copy of the letter of approval by the respective Ethics and Research Committees from the pertaining institution, according to prevailing rules from the Health Ministry.

The author must be sure that the references mentioned in the text, coincide with those mentioned at the end of the article.

Bibliography should be PROGRESSIVELY ORDERED AND NUMBERED ACCORDING TO ITS APPARITION IN THE TEXT. The names of the different journals will be abreviated according the theabreviation list published in the Index Medicus.

Some examples are given of the order and the punctuation which the references must follow, depending on the source of information. The author must strictly follow this format.

Scientific journals
Candia O, Favale E, Guissania A, Rossi GF. Blood pressure during natural sleep and during sleep induced by electrical stimulation of the brain stem reticular formation. Arch Ital Biol 1962;100:216-233.

Berman AL. The Brain of the Cat; a Cytoarchitectonic Atlas with Stereotaxic Coordinates. 3rd Ed. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press; 1968.

Chapter of a book
Myers MG, Brown SA, Tate S, Abrantes A et al. Toward brief interventions for adolescents with substance abuse prevention and comorbid psychiatric problems. En: Monti PM, Colby SM, O’Leary TA (eds). Adolescents, alcohol, and substance abuse. New York: Guilford Press; 2001.

When citing references in the text, the author may choose one of the two following ways: Cite the references by their corresponding number, which will be WRITTEN LIKE EXPONENT NUMBER:

... hippocampal stimulation.2,3,34
Or if necessary, mention the names of the authors followed by their
corresponding number:
...Wada's and Sato's20 method was used for...

Only already published texts may be cited as references. Internal reports, photo-copies, papers under dictamination, personal communications, and lectures not published in memorials should appear at the bottom of the page. Authors from accepted articles agree to yield their copyrights so that the journal is able to publish them in hard or electronic media, including Internet.

Twenty five reprints for US $95.00. Authors should contact the printer: Composición Editorial Láser, S.A de C.V.


Sending of manuscripts:

Mail should be sent to the Editor of Salud Mental at the following address:
Calz. México-Xochimilco 101, Col. San Lorenzo Huipulco,
Deleg. Tlalpan,
14370, México, D. F.
Fax: 5655-2811 ext. 441

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