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The Journal of Applied Research & Technology (JART) is indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded and is published three times a year. High quality original papers on innovative applications of science, development of new technologies or efficient engineering solutions are welcomed.

Each submitted paper is subject to a meticulous review procedure performed by independent anonymous referees appointed and coordinated by the Editor-in-Chief. Their comments are communicated to the author in order to help him improve the article and, at the same time, form the base of the publication decision.

The article submission process, its consequent evaluation and communication among the authors, referees, Editorial Board and Editor–in–Chief as well as with the JART staff is highly automated by using online Internet services. Nevertheless, the whole editing could take up to six months, without considering the publication process. To avoid delays in processing your paper, please follow the manuscript preparation guidelines below closely.

The editing and publication process at JART is divided into two phases: Phase 1 that consists in the author(s) sending the manuscript and the consequent review process, improvement and acceptance or rejection; and Phase 2, involving the publication process of the accepted paper.


Phase 1 begins with sending the manuscript to the Editorial Board. For practical reasons, and to accelerate the paper submission process and its consequent review as well as to allow authors to track the status of their paper in the review procedure online, the manuscript should be submitted online through the Information Support System ( of JART as follows:

1. On the Home Page, please select "Submissions".

2. On the appearing page with instructions for authors, please select "Register your Article".

3. A page, "Article information", will appear; the corresponding format should be filled: include the title, an abstract and at least three keywords. Also, a blinded version of the article should be uploaded as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. This version must include the text, tables and graphics presented in an integrated form.

In order to make the reviewing process more efficient, please do observe the following recommendations:

1. Author' (s') information: At this stage, the manuscript should not include the author'(s') name(s) or institutional affiliation information. Make sure the manuscript is anonymous and that there are no references to the authors or names of institutions in the body of the manuscript. If the manuscript is not "blind", it will be withdrawn by the editors, and authors will be required to resubmit. A blinded article includes no names of individuals or locations that could give clues to the authorship.

2. English: Submitted papers must conform to accepted standards of English style and usage. Authors whose native language is not English are recommended to have their manuscripts edited by a qualified person before submission.

3. Abstract: It is indispensable to provide an informative 100 to 250 words abstract at the head of the manuscript in English and also in Spanish as well as no less than three (3) key words.

4. Length, figures and tables: Articles should be no more than 16 pages in length and should include figures and tables placed in the exact location they should be in the manuscript. There is a charge for additional pages.

5. References: Complete references should appear in a separate section at the end of the main text with items referred by numerals in square brackets sequentially, according to their appearance in the main text. Avoid listing of non text referred bibliography

6. Please attach a list of 5 potential referees. Such a list should not include people with a possible conflict of interest (having close professional association, joint publications, etc.).

An electronic template (TEMPLATE 1) for the Phase 1 manuscript is available:


Authors are required to declare that the submitted manuscript has not been published previously or it is currently submitted for publication elsewhere. All authors should sign the Copyright Transfer Form (available at JART website).


Authors may include color illustrations at an extra cost per page (5 US Dollars).

If the whole of the article exceeds 16 pages including figures and tables, an extra cost will be applied per additional page (5 US Dollars).

Please, supply a head-and-shoulders photograph of each and every author on the paper as well as their short technical biography (no more than 200 words each).

Phase 2 involves the publication procedures for accepted manuscripts. In order to ensure the best printing quality of your paper, we have prepared a series of directions. Please read them carefully, they are indispensable to hasten the publication process and to ensure the high quality of the journal.

1. Text file formats:

• The acceptable text file formats are Microsoft Word Document (.doc) or Text File (.txt).

• Please, do not send PostScript ( Tex , LaTex or PS) neither PDF files at this stage.

2. Paper size: Paper size should be Letter, 8.5 x 11 in (21.59 x 27.94 cm ).

3. Margins: Margins should be 3 x 3 cm.

4. Authors' names: The authors' names should appear underneath the title, left-justified. The first name should be initialized, followed by the last name in full (e.g. J. Martínez-López, S. Nugent). In the case of several authors, their names should be separated by commas.

5. Authors' affiliation: After each author name there should be superscript Arabic numbers indicating the institution to which they are affiliated. The list of institutions should appear immediately below the list of authors, left-justified. The name of the main author should be identified with a superscript asterisk indicating the address to which all correspondence should be sent:


J. Martínez-Santos*1 , S. Nugent2 , R.A. López3 , T. Benavides4

1,4Research Center for Computing (CIC), Instituto Politécnico Nacional Juan de Dios Bátiz Avenue and Manuel Othón de Mendizabal Street, 07739 Mexico City, Mexico *

3Universidad autónoma de Nuevo León, Universidad Avenue, 66451, San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, Mexico

2University of Southampton, University Road SO17 1BJ, Southampton ,  United Kingdom

6. Text:

• The text should be single-spaced.
• It should be in 11-point Arial Normal font.

7. Formulas:

• Formulas should be integrated within the text, centered.
• They should be in 11-point Arial Normal Font.
• All formulas should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers within brackets:

*Please, additionally, send us the formulas in a separate .DOC file, as a list, and indicating clearly the number of each formula.

8. Tables:

• Tables should be integrated within the text.
• They should be in 11-point Arial Normal Font.
• All tables should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers: Table 5.
• They should have descriptive captions.
• They should be mentioned in the main text.

9. Figures:

• Figures should be sent separately in jpg format at high resolution (300 dpi).
• All figures should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers: Figure 5.
• Text inside figures should be in Arial Font.
• All figures should have descriptive captions in Arial.
• All figures should be mentioned in the main text.

10. Authors' photographs in biodatas:

• A frontal close-up (only head and shoulders) photo of each author should be sent in jpg format at high resolution (300 dpi).

*In case you prefer your photo/s not to be included, please let us know through a note in the biographies file.

11. Authors' names in biodatas: Names should appear in full:

Juan Martínez-López
Sergei Nugent
Raúl Alberto López

Finally, all authors should sign the copyright transfer form and submit it by fax to (5255) 56-22-86-25, by ordinary mail to Circuito Exterior s/n A.P. 70-186 Ciudad Universitaria C.P. 04510 Mexico D.F. or by e-mail (scanned hard copy) to

For any further questions or assistance, email us at

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