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Ingeniería. Investigación y Tecnología is an arbitrated magazine which purpose is to spread original and unpublished information and knowledge related to all fields of engineering. It provides a forum for professors researchers and students from all over the world. This magazine includes articles in Spanish and English, as well as four sections which next will be explained.

Ingeniería en México y en el mundo. Reviews and discussion linked to progress evolution and development of engineering in world wide bases. With aspects of technical, scientific, and epistemological nature.

Estudios e investigaciones recientes. Innovative articles with a methodological, analytical, numerical and experimental approach, of scientific research and currently technological development.

Ingeniería y sociedad. Analysis and discussion of social and professional issues related explicitly to engineer.

Educación en ingeniería. Articles related to the activity and professional experience that complement the development of research on engineering but at the same time are of utility for the strengthening of the teaching.



1. Three copies of he manuscripts written in Spanish or English must be sent and printed in double- space, margin of three cm as well as in floppy with text format, Corel, Ventura word. The illustrations should be sent in a separated floppy in format JPG, PSD, CDR or TIF.

2.The heading of the paper should include the following information: title of the paper, full name of the author (s); institution to where he belongs, E-mail, postal address, telephone and fax numbers. The paper should contain a summary, both in Spanish and English, in which the author will provide a clear idea of the content of the article and its scope. The abstracts should be no longer than 200 words. It also should includes a list of 6 key words for each version.

3. The structure of the paper should contain: introduction, development, conclusion acknowledgement and appendces. (if needed) finalizing with the references. The section and subsection should be differentiated but not numbered.

4. The article should be no longer than ten pages including tables and figures.

5. Figures and tables (numbered) should be provided in separated folders and sheets of papers taking in consideration the dimension of the magazine pages. In case the article includes photographs, they have be presented in original once the article has been accepted.

6. Mathematical expressions have to be written clearly in order to make the symbols legible. The author should use the International Standard System of units.

7. The references in the text should be elaborated indicating the last name of the author (s) the year of publication for example “ Recently, Gracia (1996)…” or “ En un trabajo reciente (Gracia 1996)

or for two authors: Gracia et al.(1996) or (Gracia et al. (1996) those should be numbered in alphabetical order at the end of the paper using the following general rules:

Periodical publications

Sotelo G. y Cafaggi A. (1996). Cálculo de la dimensión mínima de un canal o de los tirantes alternos, cuando se conocen el gasto y la energía específica. Ingeniería, Vol. LXVI, pp. 256.


Rosenbluedth E. (1980) Sobre ciencia e ideología. Fundación Javier Barros Sierra. México, pp. 256

Contributions to books

Carrera Bolaños J. (1984) Racionalida, tecnología u desarrollo, en: Los grandes problemas de la ciencia y la tecnología (Varela R. y Mayer L. Ed.),pp. 39-47. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México.

Conference references

Ayala G., Muñoz C. Esteva L. (1984). Determination of Eartquake Design Parameters for Different Local Soil and Topographic Conditions. Eight World Conference on Earthquake Engineering. San Francisco, California, Julio.

Unpublished Reports/Theses

Iturbe Argüelles M. del R. (1997) Transporte y dispersión de compuestos químico-orcanicos (hidrocarburos asfálticos alogenados) a través del flujo en medio poroso. Tesis de doctorado en ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Web sites

Anderson S. (1997). Multimedia on the Internet: a course designed to study the tools of multimedia on the World Wide

8. The authors should include a 100 words summary of their profesion


All the articles submitted for consideration have to be revised by three arbitrators who will evaluate them and decide whether or not are to be published. The task committee is integrated by three specialists with wide recognition. They have the ability to provide a reliable and expeditious evaluation of the quality and originality as well as the value and interest of the paper contents.

Proofreading of galleys

Authors will receive the dummy of their articles for a final proofreading, together with a format of “assigment of copyright ownership and the right to reprint the articles”.


Ten copies of the published issue will be send to the to the senior author.



Mailing of manuscripts

The submission of an article binds the author (s) to refrain for submitting it simultaneously for review at any other magazine or journal. The works can be sent for their reviewing to the following address: Ingeniería. Investigación y Tecnología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Facultad de Ingeniería. Ciudad Universitaria, Delegación Coyoacán, CP. 04510, México, DF; or Apartado Postal 70-440, administración de correos “Ciudad Universitaria.


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