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Guidelines for Authors

The purpose of Psychological Research Records (PRR) is to publish original empirical scientific articles in all fields of psychology, simultaneously in hard copy and electronically. Contents of submitted manuscripts should be approved by all authors and have not appeared in other publications. In addition, manuscripts should not be sent to consideration in other journals while in the process of evaluation.

Articles describing original empirical research may be submitted either in English or in Spanish. In any case, the cover page should include title in both languages, no longer than 85 characters with spaces included. The title should be clear, precise and include variables under study, complete names of authors and institutional affiliation. As a footnote to this first page, interested parties should include the full name of author to whom correspondence should be directed, phone number, e-mail and full address.

Manuscripts must be sent in one single document (, double spaced, Arial type 12, and should not exceed 25 pages including tables and figures. Text format should strictly adhere to APA Publication Manual stipulations and to the norms described below.

Second and third pages should include titles in both languages. When the paper is in Spanish, an abstract in this language of maximum 200 words and an abstract in English of minimum 300 and maximum 400 words should be presented. When the submission is in English, then the abstract should be no longer than 200 words and a Spanish abstract of minimum 300 and maximum 400 words should be presented. 5 key words in each language should also be provided. It is recommended that key words include study variables, population characteristics, methodology and field of knowledge referred to. Since the editorial revision is conducted by two judges blind to authors identity, it is the authors responsibility to insure that no identification clues are in the body of the paper.

The following pages must include the main body of the manuscript, theoretical framework, methodology, results, discussion and references. At the end of the same file, in separate pages, authors should insert tables, figures, attachments and author's notes.

Given the strict empirical orientation of the journal, it is essential that the introduction clearly justifies the weight of the study, which should be directly derived from relevant previous research, including contradictory results, omissions, or lack of knowledge which the study intends to rectify. The methods section must include clear research questions, hypothesis and include all conceptual and operational definitions of variables under scrutiny. In addition, an ample description of the sample, procedures, and research design and measurement instruments should be included.

In the results section, only present data that respond to hypothesis and make sure that statistical analysis are appropriate and justified. Give information on significance and effect sizes. Data for the study should be kept for 5 years after the publication, to insure that other researchers can revise them if needed, unless ethical or legal rights preclude this action. For the discussion section, it is imperative that it strictly address only content that is derived from the introduction, the research question and the results. Finally, insure that all cited references from the body of the text are included in the reference list.

All manuscripts submitted to PRR will go through an initial screening before entering the formal editorial process. Once APA format and minimum research specifications have been met, research manuscripts will be sent to 2 to 3 members of the Editorial Board for who will assess the conceptual and methodological rigor of the proposal. The decision will be informed to the authors by the Editor, and in cases of acceptance, the authors should provide written consent of any materials under publishers rights used in the article.


Editorial Process

The reception, evaluation, verdict and publication for the journal are as following:

• Principal Author should read and accept the journals publication norms and will be assigned to follow up and communicate with the editor.

• Prepares and submits manuscripts and required authorizations in adherence to specified formats and norms.

• Editor confirms receiving the manuscript and revises text for adequate form; if the paper does not meet the standards the Editor sends the manuscript back to the Authors for corrections before it can enter the editorial revision.

• If Authors consider it adequate, they resubmit with proper format.

• Editor confirms receiving manuscript and sends it to 2 to 3 members of the Editorial Board who are blind to Author's identity. Editorial board members revise and give a reasoned judgment on article based on scientific rigor, importance of contribution, congruence of research method, adequacy of results and clarity and impact of arguments and discussion (estimated time, one month).

• Editor receives evaluation, considers strengths and weaknesses and gives one of the following verdicts:

1) Approved for publication.
2) Approved if suggested changes are made.
3) Major changes require resubmission and a new evaluation.
4) Theme, content or methodologies do not match the journals evaluations standards.

• For case 2, Authors makes changes and sends manuscript to the Editor (time limit one month). Editor reviews changes and suggests as many additional changes as necessary. Once all issues are resolved, the article is approved for publication.

• For case 3, Authors make required changes and resend manuscript to the Editor who assigns new judges from the Editorial Board.

• Once an article is fully approved, the Editor informs the Authors in what date and number the text will be published. When the journal appears, each author receives 2 copies of the journal where the articles came out.



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