Source of Data

To construct a profile of the characteristics of Atlanta's Dominican and Guatemalan populations, we use the pums files from the American Community Survey (acs), which provide the most recent data. The acs is administered every year to a probability sample of U.S. households. Given that the number of Dominicans and Guatemalans in a single year of the acs is quite small, we combine acs files for 2007, 2008, and 2009. Unless otherwise specified, the data include all individuals in the acs sample (children as well as adults). We analyze acs provided by the ipums project at the University of Minnesota (Ruggles,Trent, Genadek et al., 2010).



We use the Atlanta Regional Commission's 10-county definition of the Atlanta Metro Area. The acs does not provide county codes. Instead, a "puma" is the smallest geographic unit available in the acs pums file. A puma contains approximately 100 000 residents. Therefore, large counties (such as Fulton) span several pumas. Small counties (such as Douglas) are combined with adjacent small counties within a single puma. All of the Georgia puma containing one of the 10 counties in the arc definition for the Atlanta Metro Area are included in our sample.



The tables present the unweighted sample sizes and the weighted percentages. Data are weighted to account for sampling design and non-response.