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Archivos de cardiología de México
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Table of contents
Arch. Cardiol. Méx. vol.88 n.3 Ciudad de México Jul./Sep. 2018

 ·  Lyme carditis: Why should Mexico pay attention to this problem?
Sánchez-Vázquez, Diego R.; Márquez, Manlio F.; Baranchuk, Adrian

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 Research clinic
 ·  Effectiveness of natriuretic peptide-guided treatmen of chronic heart failure. A meta-analysis
Gamiño-Arroyo, Ana-Estela; Prado-Galbarro, Francisco-Javier; García-Pérez, Sonia; Sánchez-Piedra, Carlos

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 ·  Intelligent systems tools in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes: A systemic review
Sprockel, John; Tejeda, Miguel; Yate, José; Diaztagle, Juan; González, Enrique

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 ·  Analysis of the safety culture in a Cardiology Unit managed by processes
Raso-Raso, Rafael; Uris-Selles, Joaquín; Nolasco-Bonmatí, Andreu; Grau-Jornet, Guillermo; Revert-Gandia, Rosa; Jiménez-Carreño, Rebeca; Sánchez-Soriano, Ruth M.; Chamorro-Fernández, Carlos I.; Marco-Francés, Elvira; Albero-Martínez, José V.

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 ·  Determination of prognostic value of the OESIL risk score at 6 months in a Colombian cohort with syncope evaluated in the emergency department; first Latin American experience
Díaz-Tribaldos, Diana Carolina; Mora, Guillermo; Olaya, Alejandro; Marín, Jorge; Sierra Matamoros, Fabio

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 ·  Comparison of the efficacy and safety of dronedarone and flecainide as maintenance antiarrhythmic therapy for sinus rhythm in atrial fibrillation
Sánchez Sorian, Ruth María; Chamorro Fernández, Carlos Israel; Ruiz Nodar, Juan Miguel; Chamorro Fernández, Antonio Javier; Grau Jornet, Guillermo; Nuñez Villota, Julio

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 ·  Electrocardiographic characteristics of fasciculo-ventricular accessory pathways in children: A comparative study with right anteroseptal accessory pathways
Olmedo, Julián Andrés; Abello, Mauricio Sebastián; Cannon, Bryan; Doiny, David; Bonacina, Javier; Moltedo, José Manuel

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 Review article
 ·  Stress induced cardiomyopathy due to a Mexican earthquake
Fernández-Ferreira, Ricardo; Morales-Victorino, Neisser; Herrera-Gomar, Magali; Alcántara-Meléndez, Marco Antonio; García-Graullera, Manuel; González-Chon, Octavio; García-López, Sandra María

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 Images in cardiology
 ·  Dual approach for atypical atrial flutter ablation after the Mustard procedure
Burgoa-Vargas, Javier; Nava-Townsend, Santiago; Alvarez-Bran, Mirna; Batarse-Rivera, José; Iturralde-Torres, Pedro

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 ·  Giant coronary ectasia and athlete’s heart mimicking an acute coronary syndrome
Manautou, Luis; Jimenez, Vicente; Trevino, Alejandro; Rodriguez, David; Jerjes-Sanchez, Carlos

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 ·  Giant aneurysm of the left anterior descending coronary artery
Arnáiz-García, María Elena; Sarralde-Aguayo, José Aurelio; Arnáiz, Javier; Arnáiz-García, Ana María

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 Scientific letters
 ·  Minimally fluoroscopic ablation of an accessory pathway in a child with Ebstein’s anomaly: A case report
Ibarra-Castillo, Rita; Arbaiza-Simon, Jorge; Viteri-Vela, Mario

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Surgical management of abdominal tumours with cavoatrial extension without circulatory arrest
Figueredo, Antonio; Rivero, Wilmer; Murcia, Adriana; Botia, Mercedes

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Myocardial tumour infiltration mimicking myocardial ischaemia in electrocardiogram
Vergara-Uzcategui, Carlos Eduardo; González, Nelsy; Donís, José Hipólito

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 ·  The economic burden of hypertension, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and atrial fibrillation in Mexico
Stevens, Bryce; Pezzullo, Lynne; Verdian, Lara; Tomlinson, Josh; Estrada-Aguilar, Claudia; George, Alice; Verdejo-París, Juan

        · text in English     · English ( pdf )
 ·  Tricuspid valve endocarditis in a non-drug-addicted patient with no prior predisposing cardiopathy
Naranjo, Adrian; Ruiz, Daniela; Pérez, Aylen

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 ·  Short-term resolution of B-lines in thoracic ultrasound in acute pulmonary oedema after treatment
Valle Alonso, Joaquín; Fonseca del Pozo, Francisco Javier; Vaquero Álvarez, Manuel

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 Letter to the editor
 ·  Adults with congenital heart disease: A growing public health problem?
Araujo, John Jairo

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