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Archivos de cardiología de México
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Table of contents
Arch. Cardiol. Méx. vol.87 n.3 Ciudad de México Jul./Sep. 2017

 ·  Humanism and science in Lorenzo Boturini Benaduci
Micheli, Alfredo de

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 Research clinic
 ·  Effect of physical training on the recovery of acute exercise, among patients with cardiovascular disease
García-Saldivia, Marianna; Ilarraza-Lomelí, Hermes; Myers, Jonathan; Lara, Jorge; Bueno, Leopoldo

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 Review article
 ·  Use of microRNAs in heart failure management
Arias Sosa, Luis Alejandro

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 Images in cardiology
 ·  Right ventricle perforation by pacemaker lead
Piqueras-Flores, Jesús; Jiménez-Díaz, Javier; Higuera-Sobrino, Felipe; Maseda-Uriza, Ramón; Pinardo-Zabala, Antonio; Moreno-Arciniegas, Andrea

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Ischemic strokes: Is it mandatory to rule out aortic thrombosis?
Anmad Shihadeh, Leydimar; Fernández-Rodríguez, Diego; Trugeda-Padilla, Antonio; Hernández-Afonso, Julio

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 Scientific letters
 ·  Native mitral valve Libman-Sacks endocarditis
Vergara-Uzcategui, Carlos Eduardo; Donís, José Hipólito

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  When a cardiac valvular affectation can guide to the diagnosis of a malignant tumor?
Anmad Shihadeh, Leydimar; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Diego; Medina Darias, Elizabeth; Facenda-Lorenzo, María; Iriarte Plasencia, Alejandro

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Transvenous cardiac leads extraction with mechanical dilator sheath. Complications and possible solutions, case report
Veron-Esquivel, Daniel; Rivera-Figueroa, Jaime; Batiz-Armenta, Fernando

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Ruptured pulmonary artery aneurysm, a surgical emergency. A case report and literature review
Contreras-Gutiérrez, Víctor Hugo; Castaño-Guerra, Rodolfo

        · text in English     · English ( pdf )
 ·  Carotid sinus syndrome after carotid endarterectomy
Jiménez-Díaz, Javier; Higuera-Sobrino, Felipe; González-Marín, María Arántzazu; Camacho-Pedrero, Agustín

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and anemia: Cause and effect
Anmad Shihadeh, Leydimar; Quijada-Fumero, Alejandro; Facenda-Lorenzo, María; Poncela-Mireles, Francisco J.; Laynez-Carnicero, Ana; Trugeda-Padilla, Antonio

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection in children, a challenging diagnose in pediatric cardiology
Figueras-Coll, Marc; Sabaté-Rotés, Anna; Cañete-Abajo, Noemí

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Hemodynamic repercussions in neonates with patent ductus arteriosus: Associated factors
Martínez-Roque, Ana Margarita; Valle Leal, Jaime; Martínez Limón, Alba J.; Álvarez-Bastidas, Lucia

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Prevalence of risk factors of erosion in patients with percutaneous closure of atrial septal defects
Contreras, Alejandro E.; Ferrero Guadagnoli, Adolfo; Peirone, Alejandro

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Transient complete atrioventricular block during percutaneous atrial septal defect closure
Contreras, Alejandro E.; Peirone, Alejandro; Ferrero Guadagnoli, Adolfo; Miara Lopez, Jonathan

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Pulmonary hypertension in Rendu-Osler-Weber disease. A case report
Araiza-Garaygordobil, Diego; Lomelí-Estrada, Catalina; Cossío-Aranda, Jorge

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 Letters to the editor
 ·  Rupture of ventricular false tendon without cardiopathy
Rojas-González, Antonio; Diego, Guillermo; Domínguez-Arganda, Lourdes; Pozo, Eduardo; Jiménez-Borreguero, Jesús; Alfonso, Fernando

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  It is useful to evaluate pulmonary vascular reactivity by echocardiography in the pulmonary hypertension? A challenge to solve
Santos-Martínez, Luis Efren; Contreras-Rodríguez, Alicia; Moreno-González, Agustina; Medina-Concebida, Luz Elena; Rodríguez-Almendros, Nielzer Armando; Arenas-Fonseca, Jorge Guillermo; Soto-Márquez, Patricia

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Postoperative pneumonia after cardiac surgery: Really, can it be under our control?
Esquinas, Antonio M.; Arias-Ortiz, Julián

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )

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