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On-line version ISSN 1870-9044

Polibits  n.49 México Jan./Jun. 2014


Reliable Web Services Composition: An MDD Approach


Genoveva Vargas-Solar1, Valeria de Castro2, Plácido Antonio de Souza Neto3, Javier A. Espinosa-Oviedo4, Esperanza Marcos5, Martin A. Musicante6, José-Luis Zechinelli-Martini7, and Christine Collet8


1 French Council of Scientific Research, LIG-LAFMIA, 681 rue de la Passerelle BP 72, 38402 Saint Martin d'Heres, France (e-mail:

2 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Av Tulipan, Mostoles, Spain (e-mail:

3 Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Av. Senador Salgador Filho, 1559 - Tirol, Natal - RN, Brazil (e-mail:

4 French Mexican Laboratory of Informatics and Automatic Control, 681 rue de la Passerelle BP 72, 38402 Saint Martin d'Heres, France (e-mail:

5 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Av Tulipan, Mostoles, Spain (e-mail:

6 DIMAp - UFRN, ForAll - Formal Methods and Language Research Laboratory Campus Universitrio - Lagoa Nova, Natal - RN, Brazil (e-mail:

7 French-Mexican Laboratory on Informatics and Automatic Control, 681 rue de la Passerelle BP 72, 38402 Saint Martin d'Heres, France (e-mail:

8 Grenoble Institute of Technology, Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble, 681 rue de la Passerelle BP 72, 38402 Saint Martin d'Heres, France (e-mail:


Manuscript received on April 24, 2012
Accepted for publication on June 12, 2014.



This paper presents an approach for modeling and associating Policies to services' based applications. It proposes to extend the SOD-M model driven method with (i) the n-SCM, a Policy services' composition meta-model for representing non-functional constraints associated to services' based applications; (ii) the n-PEWS meta-model providing guidelines for expressing the composition and the policies; and, (iii) model to model and model to text transformation rules for semi-automatizing the implementation of reliable services' compositions. As will be shown within our environment implementing these meta models and rules, one may represent both systems' cross-cutting aspects (e.g., exception handling for describing what to do when a service is not available, recovery, persistence aspects) and constraints associated to services, that must be respected for using them (e.g., the fact that a service requires an authentication protocol for executing a method).

Key words: Methodology, nSOD-M, sevice composition, policy.





This work was partially financed by the projects CLEVER, STIC-AMSUD, and MASAI. P. A. de Souza Neto was funded by CAPES/STIC-AMSUD Brazil, BEX 4112/11-3.



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