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Superficies y vacío

versión impresa ISSN 1665-3521

Superf. vacío vol.24 no.3 México sep. 2011


Temperature distribution in a p-n thermoelectric module: Quadratic approximation with respect to an electrical current


Lashkevych Igor 1, Gurevich Yuri G. 2


1 Posgrado, UPIITA-I.P.N. Av. IPN #2580, Col. Barrio La Laguna Ticoman, del. Gustavo A. Madero México D. F., C.P. 07340, México.

2 Departamento de Física, CINVESTAV-IPN Apdo. Postal 14-740, 07000, Distrito Federal, México.


Recibido: 13 de mayo de 2011;
Aceptado: 4 de agosto de 2011



The temperature distribution in a p-n thermoelectric module in quadratic approximation with respect to an electrical current, when the Joule and Thomson surface and bulk effects are presented, is studied. Here were taken into account the temperature dependences of the thermal conductivity and the Seebeck coefficient, the presence of the Peltier and Seebeck surface coefficients. The partial cases are considered and the applicability criteria of the quadratic approximation in these cases was established.

Keywords: Thermoelectric cooling; Minimal temperature; p-n junction.





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The Editors thank to the Physics Department of the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN for the support in the publication of this issue, and the cooperation of M en C. Alejandra García Sotelo and Eng. Erasmo Gómez.

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