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Computación y Sistemas

Print version ISSN 1405-5546

Comp. y Sist. vol.19 n.1 México Jan./Mar. 2015 



Saving Time for Object Finding with a Mobile Manipulator Robot in 3D Environment


Judith Espinoza and Rafael Murrieta-Cid


Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas, CIMAT, Guanajuato, México.,

Corresponding author is Rafael Murrieta-Cid.


Article received on 12/11/2013.
Accepted on 01/09/2014.



In this paper, we address the problem of reducing the time for finding an object. We consider both the time taken by our software to generate a search plan and the expected time to find the object when the plan is executed. The object is sought with a 7 degree of freedom mobile manipulator robot with an "eye-in-hand" sensor. The sensor is limited in both range and field of view. We propose two main strategies: 1) to coordinate the motion of robot's degrees of freedom optimizing only those most relevant for the task, and 2) to repair a previously computed plan whenever the environment changes locally. We have implemented all our algorithms and present simulation results in realistic environments.

Keywords: Search, path planning, 3D visibility, 3D coverage.





This work was partially funded by CONACYT Project 106475 and by the NSF-CONACYT Project J110.534/2006.



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