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Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas

  ISSN 2007-0934

ARTEAGA RAMIREZ, Ramón et al. Actual vapor pressure observed and estimated in sinoptic observatories of Mexico. Rev. Mex. Cienc. Agríc []. 2010, 1, 1, pp. 77-87. ISSN 2007-0934.

The objective of this study was evaluate four methods to calculate the dew point temperature estimates the water vapor pressure actual most approximated to the observed one from 73 weather observatories in Mexico (period 1981-2000), considering water vapor pressure observed that calculated with psychrometric values. Four methods were compared to estimate the dew point temperature, in the method 3 a classification with the Martonne aridity index was done. And the value from the water vapor pressure actual gotten from five methods, an analysis was done with the next statistics comparing the estimated values with observed ones: RE, R2, d, b y R2'; later it was determined the most appropriated method in each observatory, the accepted in the major quantity of observatories is the recommended one in this search. The most approximated method was the 2; also a linear regression on the country for each method was done, except for method 3, this one was separated in wet observatories and dry ones, where the dew point temperature observated is taken as orderly and the dew point temperature calculated as abscissa, later a linear regression else was done between the dew point temperature observated and temperature minimum of the same way on the country and for wet observatories and dries ones. With month values of the water vapor pressure actual from method 2, a map was made with isolines of the water vapor pressure actual for each month, a map where the weather observatories locations are showed on mexican republic and one additional where the classified weather observatories in wet and arid are showed too.

: dew point; evapotranspiration; linear regression; Martonne; relative humidity.

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