11 36Evaluación de los efectos del Programa de Apoyos Directos al Campo (Procampo) en el mercado de maíz en México, 2005-2007 
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Economía, sociedad y territorio

  ISSN 1405-8421

DAMIAN-HUATO, Miguel Ángel; RAMIREZ-VALVERDE, Benito; ARAGON-GARCIA, Agustín    LOPEZ-OLGUIN, Jesús Francisco. Economic diversification, maize sowing and yields for the producers from the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico. Econ. soc. territ []. 2011, 11, 36, pp. 513-537. ISSN 1405-8421.

This work studied the relation pluri-activity has with the management and productivity of maize, the use of peasant technologies and of the agriculture-livestock synergy. The results point out that 74% of the maize producers have diversified their activities, 65% in primary activities, and 35% in secondary and tertiary activities. Pluri-activity is affecting the specialization of the producer in the adequate management of maize and its productivity, because the technical discontinuity of maize producers has broadened and we found that there is a rupture in the transition of empirical knowledge and peasant technologies, as well as a deterioration in the use of the agriculture-livestock synergy, essential aspects for the management of maize.

: pluri-activity; maize management; specialization; technologic discontinuity; peasant technologies.

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