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The Revista Mexicana de Física (Mexican Journal of Physics) publishes original papers of interest to a broad group of readers from the physical science community, in the following sections:

1. Letters. Original research or instrumental papers which require fast publication. The maximum length for a letter is seven pages.

2. Reviews. Critical surveys of specific physics subjects in which existing published information is analyzed and discussed.

3. Research. Articles with original results in the physical sciences.

4. Instrumentation. Original contributions on the design of scientific instruments, devices and integrated circuits. These papers present and discuss physical principles applied in a new way to instrumentation and techniques for the solution of physics problems. They must
include the reports of measurements performed with the described instruments.

5. Education. Articles containing new and original ways of presenting concepts or problems in physics, experiments and designs which can be worked out in laboratories, and original simulation programs. Introductory reviews to new subjects of general interest can also be accepted. Articles on educational research and curriculum in physics are also published. These articles must refer their subject to a general context, and illustrate the advantages of the proposed methods and formulations.

6. Comments. Comments are short papers which criticize or correct papers of others authors previously published in Revista Mexicana de Física. Each comment should state clearly to which paper it refers and most be accompanied by a brief abstract (in both english and spanish). The same publication schedule as for regular articles is followed, and page proofs are send to authors.


Manuscript processing

Each manuscript must be accompanied by a letter of presentation addressed to the Journal Director and signed by at least one of the authors. The letter must specify the Journal section for which the work is intended, and the telephone number and address of the person to whom correspondence should be sent. Availability of the full information will avoid delays in the processing of the manuscript. The Journal will notify the author upon receipt of the manuscript and will assign a reference number which should be used in any further communication.

The Editorial Board operates with a blind referral procedure. Referees are experts in the subject of the papers, and are chosen by the Editorial Board. The final decision regarding a submission is the exclusive responsibility of the Editorial Board. Upon publication the authors will receive 30 reprints free of charge. If a larger amount is required, this should be communicated to the editorial offices in due time.


Preparation of text

The accepted languages of the journal are Spanish and English. Articles must include the title and abstract in both languages.

Manuscripts must be typed or printed with double spacing, wide margins, on one side only of letter size paper, with the following format: Title of the article, authors’ name, place of work and address of each one of the authors, abstract, from one to three PACS numbers, the text organized in numbered sections with subtitles, and references. For the latter the following order is suggested: complete name of the authors, name of the journal (abbreviated according to international conventions) or title of the publication, volume number (black types), year (enclosed by parentheses), and page number. For books include edition and place of publication. References and notes in the text should be numbered serially.

Originals of illustrations should be sent, preferably in half letter size, numbered in pencil at the margin. Graphs and drawings must be either in black Indian ink, or produced by plotters or laser printers, with tracing lines with at most 0.7mm thick, on high quality paper. Photographs must be in black and white, printed on paper with high resolution. Figure captions should be listed serially on a separate sheet. Tables go on separate sheets with their captions. The title of the paper and the corresponding page number are required in each of the additional sheets.

The authors’ names should only appear in the title page. Three copies of the complete manuscript, including figures, should be sent. The receipt of the final version of the accepted article in a floppy disk or CD. In LATEX format preferably, because simplifies the editorial process. The illustrations should be in format BMP, TIF, EPS, etc. If some photographs, graphs or drawings most be published in color, it could be possible if the author cover the difference of the cost.

Now is possible to make an electronic submition in the rmftex of the RMF or revtex of APS macros to the electronic address



The Revista Mexicana de Física publishes supplements on specific topics or proceedings, subject to the same referral standards of regular issues. The supplements form part of the regular volumes, are classified in chronological order of publication as SI, S2,..., and are numbered accordingly.

The publication project of a supplement requires of the Editorial Board approval. Information on the publication procedures and norms can be obtained on request from the editorial office of the Journal.



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