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All papers received by the RevMexAA are sent to a specialist in the field for refereeing. Authors interested in publishing in the RevMexAA should send their papers to the e-mail address, in PostScript or PDF format, along with the LaTeX file. A submission letter should also be sent. Papers should be prepared in English, using the most recent version of the RevMexAA LaTeX document class "rmaa.cls" (available from An "Abstract" of at most 12 lines is required, as well as a "Resumen" in Spanish. The latter can be provided by the Editors, when necessary. A total of six or fewer "Keywords" should be included, taken from the lists of international astronomical journals. Tables should be numbered and include a title. Figures should be submitted in PostScript (.ps) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) format, should be numbered, and should include a caption. Both tables and figures should be mentioned in the text. The style of the references follows recent international astronomical usage. For more information about the style norms of RevMexAA please consult the example included in the LaTeX package. Publication in RevMexAA is free of charge to authors.

Authors of scientific papers and books may quote articles published both in RevMexAA and RevMexAA (SC) provided that a complete reference to the source is given. Reproduction of figures and tables is also permitted on the same basis.


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