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México y la Cuenca del Pacífico (MyCP) is directed toward the study of the politics, economy, culture and society of Asia-Pacific countries, as well as the integration processes in the region. Interdisciplinary analysis of articles published under a strict process of peer review makes MyCP a research platform for Asia-Pacific issues and a reference source for those seeking an integral perspective on the dynamics of the region.

Publication Procedure

Articles will be evaluated by a double blind, independent peer review according to the following process:

A. The author will send the article to be evaluated to

B. The General Coordinator of the Journal will assure that the article meets the basic publication requirements (see paragraph 5 regarding publication requirements) and will then deliver it to the MyCP Editorial Council, for them to propose two reviewers according to the topic addressed by the article in question. If the article does not meet the basic requirements, it will be returned to the author(s) bring it into compliance with the guidelines and re-send it for consideration under the process described above.

C. The General Coordinator of the Journal will send the article to the reviewers, who must agree to send back the evaluation within three weeks. The article must receive two positive evaluations in order to be publishable. In the event that one evaluation is positive and the other negative, the General Coordinator will send the article to a an arbiter, who will have a period of three weeks to evaluate it. If the result is positive, the article will be published; if not, the article will be rejected for publication.

D. The General Coordinator will send the evaluation reports with comments to the author(s), to incorporate them into the article. The author will have one week to apply the recommendations and return the article to the General Coordinator.

E. Once the General Coordinator receives the article from the author(s), including the suggestions from the reviewers, the Journal's editing process will continue.


Publication Requirements

1. Articles submitted to México y la Cuenca del Pacífico must be unpublished, which implies the obligation of the author(s) to not submit simultaneously to other publications, in any language.

2. The articles submitted to MyCP will be oriented toward the study of the politics, economy, culture and society of Asia-Pacific countries, as well as the integration processes in the region. Articles received must be distinguished by their analytical rigor and a multidisciplinary approach in the social sciences field, so as to contribute to broadening and deepening scientific knowledge about Asia-Pacific issues. Articles are accepted in English or Spanish.

3. Book reviews will be selected by the Journal's editors and approved by the Editorial Board, based on their originality of analysis, quality and relation to the issues addressed by MyCP. They should include the full citation reference and a high-resolution image of the cover of the publication reviewed.

4. The articles will undergo a double-blind independent peer review, under the direction of the Editorial Committee comprised of recognized scholars, and domestic and international specialists on issues related to the Asia-Pacific region. Each article is evaluated by two examiners, according to field of specialization concerned. In the case of dissent, the article is referred to a third reviewer whose evaluation is final.

5. Articles must be subjected to the following guidelines to be considered for publication.

a) Include the following information:

i. Title of work, preferably brief but without detriment to clarity. In English and in Spanish.
ii. Name and nationality of the author, institutional affiliation, and a brief academic and professional summary.
iii. Address, telephone, fax and email, so that México y la Cuenca del Pacífico can easily communicate with the author.
iv. A brief summary or abstract of the work in Spanish and in English.
v. Five key words for the article in English and in Spanish.

b) Present the text in MSWord for Windows, in 12 point font, double-spaced, without hyphenating line-end words.

c) Tables, graphs, figures and diagrams should be presented in a separate MSExcel file and should also be inserted in the text. Tables and graphs should be self-explanatory, with no abbreviations included. They must indicate units used and include footnotes and complete corresponding references.

d) The complete equivalents of acronyms used should be provided upon the first appearance of the acronym in the text, in the bibliography, and in tables and graphs.

e) The article should have a maximum of thirty pages (maximum 52,000 characters) and a minimum of twenty pages (35,000 characters).

f) Footnotes in the text will be used for additional comments and not as references.

g) References in the text should appear in parentheses indicating the author's name, year and pages. See References México y la Cuenca del Pacífico.

6. Once the article has been approved for publication, the author(s) will grant written permission to the Journal for their material to be edited, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, communicated and disseminated, in print or electronic format or by any other means. The General Coordinator will send the relevant forms to the author(s).

7. México y la Cuenca del Pacífico reserves the right to make editorial changes deemed appropriate. Originals will not be returned. 8. The article should be sent to:



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