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General instructions

Geofísica Internacional is a scientific quarterly journal which prints original unpublished material of interest to our readership—primarily, the geophysical community of Latin America. The contributions are not necessarily about Latin America. Research papers, review papers, short notes, and book reviews are welcome.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor in Chief or to the Sección Editorial in duplicate, written on one side of the page and double spaced using 12 point font. Submission on removable media (Zip, Jazz, or magneto-optical cartridges) or via Internet may speed up publication; therefore, authors are strongly encouraged to submit figures in digital format. In this case, please specify the file format used. Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect for Macintosh or Windows are preferred. Text in ASCII code is also accepted.

Detailed instructions

Title: Please give the complete title. Addresses for each author should be provided.

Abstract: Please provide a concise abstract (not exceeding 250 words) in English and Spanish if possible. In addition, up to 6 key words describing the contents should be provided.

References: The accepted style of references in the text is (author, year). In the reference section at the end of the paper the accepted style is: Authors, year, title, abbreviated journal or publisher, volume, pages. List the references in alphabetical order.

Equations: Please print the equations as carefully as possible, using the same fonts and sizes as desired to appear in the final printed version. Variables are italicized both in the equations and in the text. Unusual symbols should be identified in the margin.

Illustrations and tables: Authors are strongly encouraged to submit figures in digital format. If digital files are not included with the manuscript, camera-ready originals should be provided, preferably at full page size. Please number all graphic material. Captions are to be provided separately. The following digital file formats are accepted: For photographs and other raster files, native Adobe Photoshop or TIFF images should be used. Any other illustrations should be submitted as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand files. If these are not available, please export the illustrations as Macintosh Encapsulated Postscript files (EPS), which is available on most graphic software. Illustrations which do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted. If the author wishes to submit the manuscript via FTP transfer over Interne, please contact the editor for technical guidance.

Please send the text and the figures separately and by attachment to:

Color figures can be accepted providing the re-production costs are met by the author. Please note that page charges are very accessible, please consult the publishers for further information. See above for technical requirements.

Peer review: all material will be reviewed, usually by two independent specialists. All decisions of the Editor shall be final. In the interest of the readership, the cooperation of the authors in speeding up the review requests (for modifications in the manuscript) is appreciated.

Galley proofs: Please correct your galley proofs immediately, using conventional proofreader's marks, and mail them back by courier if possible.

Reprints: Twenty reprints are supplied free of charge. Additional reprints may be ordered when returning the galley proofs.


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