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Computación y Sistemas (CyS) is a quarterly published journal whose goal is to present significant internationally scientific and technological advances to the field of Computer Science, in areas such as: Data-Bases, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia and Virtual Reality, Computer Architectures, Automation, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Automata and Languages, Software Engineering, Computer Theory, Pattern Recognition, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Intelligent Agents, Systems Theory, Logic, and Applied Mathematics, among others.


Publication Norms. The papers submitted to CyS must contain unpublished and original ideas, not previously published nor simultaneously submitted to other journals, congresses, workshops, symposia, or any other kind of divulgation medium. If the paper has already been presented, submitted or published elsewhere, the coordinator editor must be notified about it. The papers must comply with like the followings:

•  Languages: English (Include abstract and keywords in Spanish).

•  Admitted word processors: MS-Word file.

•  Page Size: Letter (8.5”x 11” ), maximum:15 pages; margins: left 2.5 cm and right 2 cm ; top 4 cm and bottom 3 cm ; use only one side of the sheet (no double side printing). Text: One column and single space.

•  Authors: First name, and two last names. Then, in consecutive lines: workplace's name and address, and e-mail address.

•  Font Type: For Regular text: 10 point Times New Roman. Original title 14 pt and translated title 12pt/cursiva, Sections 12 pt, Subsections 10 pt, all in boldface.

•  Abstract/Resumen: Minimum 100 words and maximum 150 words, straight after in Spanish.

•  Keywords/Palabras Clave: Placed after the abstract, in boldface and no more than 10 words.

•  Photographs, Schemes, Drawings, Tables and Figures: Must be placed within the text area (not on separate sheets in JPG format). Photos must be of high quality with B/W or color, well defined and contrasted.

•  Formulas: In a table without borders, not centered, numeration justified to the right, all in boldface.

•  References: Following the instructions of the Chicago Manual of Style, 1993, chapter 15. Alphabetically ordered by last name of first author, in the following manner: “ ...following the notation presented in Rosenfeld (1979)”, ”... as described in the aforementioned book [Matheron and Wells, 1975]”, “ ... concepts that are explained in the literature [Vázquez et al., 1994; Caballero, 1997]” ...


Caballero, G., “Navegación inteligente de robots”. In Temas Selectos de Matemáticas, edited by C., Ruann y A. Martínez, pp. 125-142. México, Editorial Iberoamericana, 1997.

Matheron, G. H., and M. N. Welles, Random sets and Integral Geometry. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1975.

Rosenfeld, A., “Digital Topology”,. American Mathematics Montly, 26 (3): 621-630 (1979).

Vázquez, B., J. H. Sossa and J. L. Díaz, “Autoguided vehicle control using extended time B-Splines”. Paper presented at IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, San Antonio, Texas, October, 1994, 2786-2791.


General Instructions for Article Submission. For the first time submission and throughout the reviewing process: delete from the manuscript all references about the identities of the authors , and send the file by e-mail. On the same mail, send authors' names and pertinent data, including the manuscript's name. If the paper is accepted, send:

  1. The original MS-Word.
  2. Include photographs (scanned with high quality in JPG format) and brief resume of the authors (maximum 6 lines each).
  3. Send title and abstract in English and Spanish.


For electronic submission or contact: e-mail:


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