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Author Guidelines

Please read the Author guidelines of Estudios de Asia y África, before submitting any materials. Please bear in mind that following the guidelines may accelerate the entire publication process, including peer review.

Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

1. The submitted text has not been previously published in any format (printed or electronic), nor has been submitted to any other publication.

2. The submission comes in an OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Microsoft Word file.

3. Depending on the targetted section the submitted text complies with the extension specified in the Author Guidelines.

4. All author names have been deleated from the text and file in order to guarantee the anonymity in the peer-review process.

5. All citations are placed in footnotes in a format similar to the example in the Author Guidelines.

6. The references list includes all and only the cited materials.

7. All graphic materials (photos, tables, graphs, maps or any other illustration) are being provided in separate files produced by the application in which they were producede.Their location is clearly marked within the text file. All these files are to be added in Step 2 of the submission process.

Privacy Statement

Names and email addresses provided to Estudios de Asia y Africa will be exclusively used for the ends established by the journal and shall not be shared with third parties or used for different purposes.

Publishing guidelines


1. Estudios de Asia y África admits submissions of original research articles, current situation analyses, translations of historic and literary texts in Asian and African languages, book reviews and documents relating to the regions of Asia and Africa.

2. Only unpublished materials will be accepted.

3. Authors should send their complete collaboration in electronic format, Microsoft Word (.doc/docx) or FreeOffice, through the journal's publishing software ( or to email

4. The normal maximum length for articles should be between 35 000 and 55 000 characters with spaces, including footnotes and list of references.

5. The normal maximum length for collaborations for the sections Asia and Africa Today, Culture and Society, and Article Review must be between 18 000 and 25 000 characters with spaces; if absolutely necessary, footnotes, both critical and bibliographic, should be used moderately in these sections.

6. If the paper includes graphic material (photos, tables, maps, and illustrations), this must be submitted in separate files, and in the program in which it was elaborated. Its placement in the text should be clearly marked.

7. Explanatory and bibliographic notes should appear as footnotes in the corresponding page. The list of references should come at the end of the text, in alphabetical order by last name, following this general format: Lorenzen, David N., "Marco della Tomba, misionero a Hindustán", Estudios de Asia y África, vol. xl (1), núm. 126, 2005, pp. 195-210.

8. All references cited in the text must appear in the list of references, and should be removed from this one those which are not cited. Also, all the references must have the syntax specified in the Style Guide.

9. For each article, an abstract of approximately 100 words both in English and Spanish is required, as well as an accompanying list of five keywords.

10. A paragraph of approximately 150 words for each author should be sent in a separate file. This should include recent publications, the author's institutional address as well as contact information (address, phone, and email).

11. Each article will be reviewed as a blind submission by at least two peer evaluators. Authors will be informed of peer evaluation results within 60 days of the reception of the text.

12. Any paper that fails to follow these guidelines shall not be considered.

13. Contact information:

Director of Estudios de Asia y África
El Colegio de México
Camino al Ajusco 20, C.P. 10740
México, D. F. Email:
Tels.: +52 (55) 5449 3000, +52 (55) 5449 3022 ext. 3116.



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